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Ivan Phillipsen


Current position: Zoology grad student, Oregon State University

Former positions: Unhappy U-Haul employee, Renaissance Faire geek, Field Biologist at the San Bernardino County Museum

Current home: Corvallis, Oregon

Former homes: Riverside, Californa

Research interests: Population genetics (of amphibians, mostly). I am interested in how landscape and ecological factors contribute to generating population genetic structure in adorable little animals

Non-research interests: backpacking, road trips, drawing/painting, digital photography, rock music, reading, movies, science fiction, working out, coffee shops, poetry, partying, chillin’ with the homies

Non-interests: The business world, how cars work, 99% of what’s on TV, kids (unless they are exceptionally charismatic), american football

Age: I’ve ridden the Earth around the Sun thirty times

Salamander experience: I have loved salamanders and their kin for over twenty years. I am still thrilled and delighted every time I encounter a salamander while out in the wilderness.

Candy experience: I used to get really excited about Jelly Bellys. Not so much anymore, though. Red Vines at the movies… with some popcorn and soda….good stuff!

Jacob Tennessen


Current position: Zoology grad student, Oregon State University

Former positions: high school teacher, cave tour guide, lab and/or field research assistant

Current home: Corvallis, Oregon

Former homes: Wisconsin, Alaska, Venezuela, New York

Research interests: evolutionary genetics, particularly adaptive evolution of disease resistance genes in amphibians and fishes

Non-research interests: hiking, playing the piano and other instruments, reading, thinking, highpointing, volunteering with youth or otherwise, theatre, board games, intellectual discussions, surfing the Internet, writing, eating cookies

Non-interests: driving, watching TV, fashion, professional athletics, celebrity gossip

Political/philosophical/spiritual leanings, as represented by nouns that are also adjectives (some don’t always apply completely): liberal, Unitarian Universalist, environmentalist, pacifist, agnostic, vegetarian, Green, Bright, democratic socialist, pantheist, humanist, animist

Age: been almost an adult for nearly a decade

Salamander experience: studied their romantic lives, but learned nothing that can be applied to own life

Candy experience: demonstrated mitosis using gummy worms as chromosomes

Website: http://oregonstate.edu/~tennessj

Mark Christie


Current position: Zoology grad student, Oregon State University

Former positions: Biotech lab rat, Barista, Landscaper

Current home: Corvallis, Oregon

Former homes: Los Angeles, Houston, York England, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston

Undergrad Institution: Boston University

Research interests: Dispersal, particularly trying to use molecular techniques to address questions of larval connectivity in coral-reef fishes

Non-research interests: Aquarium enthusiast, bird-watching, reading literature, politics (particularly political comedy), watching Fox News (an example of political comedy), cooking, working out, being lazy

Non-interests: Stock market, dog shows

Age: 26

Salamander experience: Once, Jacob and I found a salamander on my driveway. There is photographic evidence.

Candy experience: I have witnessed what massive amounts of candy in conjunction with poor dental care can do to teeth. (Note: I lived in England for a year and my father is from Scotland).



  1. Hi Ivan:

    I like your page…but I’m actually writing to see if you ever published anything on the Phylogeography of stream dwelling CA treefrogs in S. Cali? I can’t seem to find it online.
    I’m working on writing up some stuff on treefrogs in Joshua Tree.

    ps. Red vines rock

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