Posted by: salamandercandy | May 3, 2008

Trailers For Extremely Dorky Molecular Biology Movies


“Did you genotype those samples yet?”

“I keep seeing this weird band on the gel, Professor Brown.”

“What are you using as a positive control?”

“My own tissue. The size actually matches that rare microsatellite allele you carry… I think my sample is contaminated with your DNA.”

“I’m afraid I did contaminate your sample with my DNA… 25 years ago.”


Romantic Comedy:

“Susan was a vegan, scrabble-playing ancient history buff. Michael was storm-chasing cowboy who collected Soviet-era computers. The only thing they had in common… was that neither had anything in common with anybody else. J. Felsenstein Productions presents: Long Branch Attraction.

Converge with someone.”

Science Fiction:

“We found the reviewers’ comments to be helpful and insightful, and we believe our new manuscript, which incorporates their suggestions, is a substantial improvement over the original.”


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