Posted by: salamandercandy | September 26, 2007

The Future of Candy

Salamander Candy, quo vadis? Our blog is nearly two years old, and this post just happens to be the 100th entry. A lot has happened in two years. We’ve enjoyed sharing out thoughts and knowledge, but we’ve come to realize that posting a good-quality piece once a week takes a significant time commitment. Although our “About” box has always insisted that we have nothing but vast amounts of spare time, this could be a slight exaggeration. Because I am a slow learner, it has taken me the longest to figure this out, and thus I have come to dominate the blog in the last few months. We are beginning to debate whether our original vision of a “hive mind” is really working. Furthermore, after battling comment spam for quite some time, we were forced to turn off the comments a few months ago, which greatly diminishes the interactive nature of the site. So, we are wondering how we should proceed.

One option is to terminate the site entirely. Another is to convert it from a hive mind to a site that I maintain and update by myself (while allowing for guest posts, of course). A final option is to transfer the site to a no-cost blog-hosting service, where we would be free to ignore it or post whenever we feel like it, probably infrequently.

Does the fate of Salamander Candy matter to you? Would you notice if this source of musings on evolution, amphibians, philosophy, and the daily struggles of scientists-in-training, etc., were gone? If you have an opinion, please send an e-mail to salamandercandy AT gmail DOT com and tell us what you think… The fate of the world, or at least this domain name, could hinge on your correspondence.



  1. This post is in reference to our previous site, Obviously, the solution we chose was to move to WordPress.

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