Posted by: salamandercandy | February 12, 2007

The taste of immortality

Today is the birthday of Charles Darwin, the godfather of evolutionary biology. He would have been 198 years old. I wore my “I believe in science” t-shirt as a tribute. A colleague in our department baked an awesome cake in the shape of a leather-bound Origin of Species book! I missed out and didn’t get to eat any of it, but I bet it tasted like sweet, sweet heresy. Oh Charles… Did you ever dream that people would be baking birthday cakes for you 125 years after your death? Darwin is about as immortal as anyone can be.





  1. That cake is freakin’ awesome! Whoever baked it should drop out of academia and get their own show on the food network. I’d feel guilty cutting into it it looks so cool. It really puts the cake I got for our departments Darwin day celebration to shame: it’s got a picture of a giraffe and it says “Lamarck was wrong”.

  2. Immortal… yes. But what about his immortal SOUL??!!! Ha ha, just kidding. We all know evolutionary theorists don’t have souls.

  3. WOW! Thats soo sweet! Haha, I thought it was a real book and before reading it I was gonna say “Looks like icing is on that book”. But I never knew it was a cake! Thats chic!

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