Posted by: salamandercandy | November 12, 2006

Mendel’s Garden #9

We will be hosting our first blog carnival, the ninth installment of Mendel’s Garden, on December 4th. Mendel’s Garden unites interesting recent blog posts having to do with any aspect of genetics. So, please consider typing up some of your musings and sending a link our way if you think about genes from time to time, or if you’ve just learned some cool new fact about DNA that you’d like to share with the world, or if you’ve recently discovered a heritable factor contributing to the tendency towards long, run-on sentences. Everything from cutting-edge molecular techniques and bioinformatics research to speculations on the ethics of biotechnology and/or whether that thing they did in that one science fiction movie could actually happen. You can use the Blog Carnival submission page, or e-mail me at tennessj at science dot oregonstate dot edu. If we like what we see, we’ll link to it and describe it with a brief commentary, unless, of course, it turns out that we carry the sentence gene.


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