Posted by: salamandercandy | April 12, 2006

Mamma’s skin is delicious!

The more we discover about amphibian biology, the more these animals surprise us with their diverse and sometimes bizarre characteristics. I posted a while back about the discovery of coprophagy in a species of cave-dwelling salamander. Now it has been found that the newborns of a species of caecilian from Africa (Boulengerula taitanus) are dermatophagous. In other words, they EAT SKIN! Brooding females of this species produce nutritious skin that the younglings peel off with specialized teeth. B. taitanus is the first animal in which this type of nutrient transfer has been observed. Check out the video… it will blow your little mind! These animals seem like aliens from a B movie—slimy, worm-like, subterranean, tentacled, skin-eating aliens.

Source: London Museum of Natural History


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