Posted by: salamandercandy | November 22, 2005

Newts vs. Salamanders

To respond to a recent comment on our site by internationally recognized biologist E. O. Wilson (or, possibly, – as an objective scientist I must consider all plausible hypotheses – an imposter posing as Dr. Wilson), newts are salamanders. But not all salamanders are newts. Salamanders include all members of the order Caudata within the class of amphibians. Unlike other amphibians, all salamanders have a tail and legs throughout life (although their legs may be small or few in number). Newts include certain members of the family Salamandridae, a subgroup of Caudata. Newts are distinguished from other salamanders by their generally rougher, less slimy skin. Lizards, which have scales and lay water-tight eggs, are not amphibians and therefore not salamanders or newts, despite a superficial similarity.


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