Posted by: salamandercandy | October 14, 2005

Welcome to Salamander Candy

So what is all this Salamander Candy nonsense about? Is this a weblog about slick little woodland creatures, or is it about candy? In any case, why should anyone care to read this?

Answers: This is not about candy. If you want to read about candy, scram. However, if you dig salamanders, animals in general, natural history, biology, or shamelessly gratuitous use of the word “the,” please remain slumped in your chair and read on.

We have a lot to say here at Salamander Candy, and not a lot of time to say it. The world is full of amazing things—mostly good, some bad—each of which is worth spilling a few words for. With this weblog, we plan to highlight some topics in natural history, science, and perhaps philosophy that have been overlooked elsewhere on the web. Basically, we want to bring your attention to some cool stuff as well as to some stuff that pisses us off. Opinions will be offered. If what you read here makes you laugh, makes you stare wistfully out the window, or makes you throw open that window and scream “viva la revolution! Las ranas para siempre!”—we have done our job.

We will present information to you in a manner that we hope is neither supercilious nor clinical (is it supercilious to use the word supercilious?). Salamander Candy is not peer-reviewed, not censored, not rated “G” for the kiddies. Nope. This is a weblog written by and for people who have a deep interest in the natural world and who are not afraid to discuss the sometimes gritty or obscene reality of that world. We are all adults here, right?

We welcome your comments. Any suggestions as to how we might improve this site will be regarded very seriously and then seriously disregarded.



  1. As the world’s authority on natural history I have to first give you my permission to run your “blog”. Yes, in case you didn’t know, every published material about the natural world must first be reviewed by me. Since your site has just been created I have been charged with the task of deciding whether to give sanction to your site. All I can give you so far is a resounding “I don’t know”. First the site is called salamander-candy and yet the very first picture I see is of a newt! Is this a sick joke or are you one of those pedantic assholes who think that a newt is a salamander and vice versa? Second, unless candy is an acronym for Creepy Amphibians that post-Nataly Develop Young lungs, I fail to see the significance. If so, your blog would be more appropriately named salamander CAPNDYL. Blah! Well I have to go and make some more ridiculous sociobiological claims – you wouldn’t believe the crap that people will listen to these days. I will be keeping a critical eye on your little project though – so proceed with caution. Superciliously yours,

    E.O. Wilson

  2. Hurrah! The site looks really nice! I am duly impressed! I do think you should add the shameless gratuitous use of exclamation points and ALL CAPS TEXT to make your points more poignant!

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